Joining the list of NVC-UK trainers on this site

There are currently two ways to join the list of trainers on this site ( if you are already sharing NVC in the UK:

(i) By following The Centre for Nonviolent Communication ('s certification process, the current version of which can be found here. Please also refer to Who are Certified Trainers (CT) and Independent Trainers (IT)?

(ii) By being acknowledged by the existing community of NVC-UK CT and IT trainers as an 'Independent Trainer' via the 'Robin Hood' process - see below. Please also refer to Who are Certified Trainers (CT) and Independent Trainers (IT)?

The 'Robin Hood' process

For joining the NVC-UK Trainers List as an Independent Trainer (IT):


In order to assure the integrity of the NVC process, if you are offering public trainings or mediation (as opposed to purely support / organisational roles), you will be asked to have attended 30 days training with a CNVC certified trainer, before applying to become an Independent Trainer. In order to build up connections with other people offering NVC in the UK network, you may also be asked to have completed at least one training with another person on the UK Trainer List.

The Process in detail

1. Ask a UK-NVC network trainer who is known to you to propose your name for consideration to the network, and to stand as your 'Sponsor' (first point of contact) in the process of joining the network. If you are not known to current trainers, you will still need to find a trainer within the network to sponsor you.

2. Please write your own introductory statement and send it to your sponsor, who will send it to the network. Please respond to all of (a) to (j) below:

(a) How would you describe your NVC journey to date in a couple of paragraphs?
(b) How are you currently using NVC?
(c) How do you wish to be involved in the NVC-UK network?
(d) Are you happy to contribute finanically to ventures such as the website?
(e) Are you willing to join or start a Peer (Quality Assurance) Circle? (We want members of NVC-UK to have a commitment to assuring their continuing development as a trainer/sharer of NVC. One way of doing this is through Peer (Quality Assurance) Circles.)
(f) If joining a Peer (Quality Assurance) Circle is going to be difficult for you, what other strategies do you propose for maintaining professional development?
(g) Are you willing to work within the 'Guidelines for non-certified trainers sharing NVC', as specified by the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)? What are these?
(h) Are you willing to contribute to CNVC as and when you receive income from NVC-related activities?
(i) Are you willing to work collaboratively with other NVC-UK trainers?
(j) Please finish with you request to be acknowledged by the NVC-UK network as an Independent Trainer (IT).

3. Your Sponsor will write an email introducing you to the Network. This will include:
(a) your Sponsor's own paragraph introducing you to the network
(b) your introductory paragraphs and responses (see 2. above)
(c) the names of others in the network who feel happy to support you joining.

4. Your Sponsor will send this email out, a second email three weeks later, and a third email two weeks after that, so that everyone has a chance to see it and respond. In order to maintain and promote harmony within the network, and to assure quality, you will be accepted onto the list only if no-one objects. If there are objections, these can be discussed and sorted out with the help of your 'Sponsor', perhaps with third party NVC support, a 'Restorative Circle' or Sociocratic methods.

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Updated by Shantigarbha, October 2010.